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The PHP Yes! But with Laravel

Have you ever heard of Laravel? Which framework is very successful thanks to all its advantages?

What is a framework?

A framework is simply a set of tools to facilitate the work of the developer allowing him to obtain productivity gains. It constitutes a coherent basis and generally groups the foundations of a computer software or a web application.

In the case of php, frameworks regroup a set of basic functions that can be found on most php applications. This is the case, for example, with the authentication system, the management of errors or the management of rights (administrators, editors, visitors …).

Is a framework really useful?

Here you go in the design of a website and you do not know of php framework. So the question to ask is: will I take more time learning how my framework works than coding my site?

Well, it is possible, the bigger frameworks are like new languages ​​to know, or rather as important extensions of these languages. It takes some time for a framework to take hold, it is often necessary to know and respect more or less strict rules, to read documentation at all times, and to know the tools available, etc.

However the usefulness of a framework of this kind is to avoid spending time developing functions already created by others. Once the framework is mastered, you will go much faster, your code will probably look like something, and most importantly, the person who will pass behind will understand your code much more quickly. This is essential for any maintenance, addition or correction.


Laravel is a well-documented framework, and a well-documented framework saves time against these competitors. It has an important community, which gives us the possibility to quickly find an answer in case of doubt, it is also the guarantee of a certain permanence for the framework, the more developers will use it, to exist.

Laravel is also very complete without being too much, and thanks to its documentation provided, the duration of learning remains contained. Its biggest strength is its simplicity, the code that we write with Laravel is always simple, readable, concise and pleasant to read. It includes programming standards and the ability to easily add extensions.

But what can we do with Laravel?

So yes, what can we do well with the latter, and although Laravel is a framework inspired by what exists better, it resume Symfony’s routing system by extending it efficiently, It uses the SwiftMailer library for sending mail, and much more. While adding these original components to form Laravel .

Laravel offers:

  • A mail sending system,
  • An efficient routing system,
  • An efficient template engine,
  • A handy form builder,
  • An authentication system for the connections,
  • An efficient SQL query creator and ORM (eloquent),

As a bonus, Laravel integrates a migration system for databases, a cache system, session management, and more.


Laravel’s boss is the MVC ( Model-View-Controller ). Following an organizational model is both a constraint and an advantage.

It is a constraint in the sense that one can not always organize one’s code as one would like, but it is an advantage because it offers rigor and order within the application, Is a crucial framework when several people work on the same project.


  • The model manages the data,
  • The view is displayed at the user,
  • The controller manages the set.

Once the principle of Laravel’s MVC is understood, the development of an application is done in a more rapid, fluid and natural way. Creating automations at the developer.


In conclusion, Laravel is a very complete and very powerful framework. It has the particularity of being more permissive and more flexible than his colleague Symfony. The fact that it is very easy to access with its complete documentation and its active communities makes Laravel very attractive when choosing a framework. Once taken in hand, it becomes complicated to get rid of it.

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